Rodent Control

ZAP invites your unwanted guests to leave!


Rats & Mice can destroy property & belongings. They can enter into your home through various access points that may not always be so obvious to the typical homeowner. The can tear up your drywall and insulation, die in your walls and create offensive odors, chew through through wires and even create fires in extreme cases.


ZAP locates and evicts unwanted rodents

These unwanted guests can enter your home through your attic, turbine and gable vents. Improperly finished or maintained plumbing, heating and dryer vents also create opportunities for these crafty intruders. Gaps between exterior walls, roofing fascia and garage doors are favorite entry points.

ZAP will inspect every vulnerable areas of your home and determine how mice and rats might gain entry. We’ll examine the evidence they left behind to determine the details of your individual situation and create a strategy to eradicate the problem. Next, we’ll deploy various strategies that may include bait and traps to get the visitors out!


Let ZAP deploy a family and pet-friendly solution for pests!