Got Termites?

Zap provides treatment for wood destroying insects of all kinds.

Call ZAP Pest Control if you see flying insects in or around your home.  A licensed technician will come out and inspect your home to identify what’s bugging you!

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The $125 inspection fee will be waived if a termite treatment is purchased. 

Liquid Treatment

Applying a treatment barrier

This treatment consists of establishing a treatment barrier around a structure’s foundation to protect it. The great thing is that the termites do not even know that there is a termiticide product there.

There is no repellent that termites sense so they continue to function as usual crossing through the treated barrier unaware their end is near. Once the termites have come in contact with the treated zone or any other termite that has come in contact with the termiticide product, they become contaminated and will eventually die; but not before they stop feeding and grooming themselves and stop performing their normal function within the colony.

While alive, the contaminated termites will move about in the colony and will “TRANSFER” the contamination to other members in the colony through contact. Ultimately, the process can achieve total Colony Elimination.

Baiting: Termite Baiting programs are available when applicable.

If you suspect that your home may be suffering from any other wood destroying insects, Zap also offers treatment to eliminate carpenter ants, powder post beetles, carpenter bees, and wood borers of all kinds. Prevent further damage to your building and call us today!


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